Light Barrier

“3D Light Sculptures Hang Like Ghostly Spirits” – The Creators Project

Light Barrier is an installation by Kimchi and Chips, commissoned by FutureEverything and supported by British Council Russia. It uses millions of beams of light to create ethereal, floating graphic objects. The calibrated rays of light are knitted together, defining shapes which float within its environment.

Created by artists Kimchi and Chips (Elliot Woods and Mimi Son), Light Barrier pushes against the limitations of the digital and the physical, attempting to bring digital objects into free physical space. The artists explore the light barrier as a metaphor; a universal law which stops anything from travelling faster than a photon. The installation exposes exotic phenomena which serve to reinforce these fundamental laws.

By using 180+ curved mirrors, the artists create an array of sub-projectors, allowing the control of the intensity, direction and origin of light as it travels through space.

I was curator, commissioner and producer of this project, and it continues to tour the world.