SHM for 16 Percussionists

Simple Harmonic Motion is an ongoing series of projects and research investigating complexity from simplicity, by leading digital artist Memo Akten. It is inspired by natural and mathematical phenomena, as well as works by the likes of Norman McLaren, John Whitney, Steve Reich, John Cage, Gyorgi Ligeti and Edgar Varèse.

Building on 11 previous iterations of the work, developed over a four-year period from 2010 to 2014, the 12th edition, Simple Harmonic Motion for 16 Percussionists was borne out of a unique partnership between FutureEverything and Royal Northern College of Music in early 2015. The performance was realised through an intensive week-long residency with a group of 16 student musicians, from a wide array of disciplines, assembled from the Royal Northern College of Music. Taking place between the project’s Research and Development base at MMU’s Digital Innovation facility, The Shed and the Opera Theatre stage at RNCM, the group familiarised themselves with the concept and inspirations of the piece and painstakingly prepared for the debut performance at the Opening Gala of FutureEverything 2015.

I was Executive Producer, curator and commissioner of this project.