One of Two Stories, or Both

Fresh from representing Hong Kong at the Venice Biennale, brilliant young artist Samson Young premiered a major new work at MIF17. Inspired by mythic tales of 17th-century Chinese travellers making their way to Europe on foot, this multilayered piece asks: how are journeys remembered and retold? What of the aching feet that carry the bodies, the bumpy ride, the incidental mountains? How do stories lend meanings to places left behind?

One of Two Stories, or Both (Field Bagatelles) began with an MIF first: a five-part radio series, performed by a cast of actors, artists and musicians. Broadcast live from Low Four in Old Granada Studios, this tapestry of sound, oral histories, songs and poetry could be heard throughout Manchester on Unity Radio 92.8 FM and online at A small number of tickets were available for audiences to observe the live broadcast of each episode.

Following the radio series, a multichannel sound and visual installation has premiered at the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art. The installation brings another intriguing perspective to these stories, while also marking the 20th anniversary of the UK’s handover of Hong Kong to China.

I was Lead Producer on this project, developing and delivering from start to finish with Samson, over 8 months. 

Please have a listen to the BBC World Service documentary about the piece "In the Studio"

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